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We're located at the very south of Switzerland and of  the Cantone Ticino. It's a region, who has a lot of attractiveness particularly intriguing...

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1 hour away

Milan is a city just 70 kilometres away, capital of the region Lombardy and centre of one of the most populated metropolitan areas of Europe. Amazes for the emotions that knows give away, it's a educated city, modern, lively and full of beauties and art. The Dome it's the symbol of the city. More  

30 minutes away

Como is an Italian town just 20 kilometres away from Meride and the capital of it’s own province in Lombardy. Museums, monuments, parks, historical villas, its lake Lario, and much more makes Como so special. There are unlimited reasons to spend some unforgettable days in the city and on its lake. Find out the beauties of Como, not just in the town centre, but along the lake as well. More
Vincenzo Vela Museum

only 6 km away

The Ticinese sculptor Vincenzo Vela (1820-1891) earned the highest honours at the time of the Unification of Italy. In the mid-19th century the artist had a country house built for him to live and work in, at his native village. In a specially created hall, Vincenzo Vela regularly showed his works to a wide public of Swiss and Italian art lovers. More
Lake Ceresio

only 9 km away

Lake Lugano (known locally as ‘Lake Ceresio’) is a relatively small natural basin that is situated on the border between Italy and Switzerland. In the distant past, it was connected to Lake Como. Hugged by green mountains that are reflected in the water and bordered by particularly beautiful beaches, the lakeside is dotted with small villages with colourful houses and fishermen's nets; the gentle sound of the waves breaking on the shore reverberates in the air. More
Bear cave

only 20 km away

At only 30 minutes from the Restaurant Vetta there is a well-signposted path that leads to the cave where an important repository of the remains of over 300 cave bears were found. Cave bears lived and became extinct on the Generoso Mountain area 18-20,000 years ago. The cave has been prepared in a way that enables everyone, not only palaeontologists, to visit. More
Cement itinerary

only 12 km away

The Cement Trail is the most eminent element of the environmental improvement carried out in the area of the former cement works SACEBA. The trail is located at the entrance of the gorge of the Breggia river, in the geological Park of the Gole della Breggia. The walk goes through the infrastructures of the old works to show the visitors the steps of the production, from the rock to the finished cement. More  
The “nevère” of Monte Generoso

only 20 km away

Elegant like amphitryons, the nevere (cold storage huts) stand proudly at the entrance to the alpine complex, almost as if they would like to receive the hikers who are wanting to know all about these relics of a civilization that is on the way to being extinct. More
Monte Generoso

only 20 km away

Monte Generoso is situated in the heart of a nature park known beyond Switzerland’s borders. Standing majestically on the mountain’s rugged plateau is the new “Fiore di pietra“ (stone flower). The building was created by the famous architect Mario Botta and features picture windows that frame the breathtaking panorama. Since 1890, a rack railway has provided transport along a picturesque nine-kilometre stretch of mountain scenery carrying passengers from Capolago on Lake Lugano to the mountain summit at 1704 m altitude. More
Fox Town

only 7.5 km away

The temple of elegance and of luxury with 160 stores with discount from 30% to 70% during all the year, located in Mendrisio, just 15 minutes by car. More
Nordic Walking

in all the region

Walking is a new experience, but at the same time ancient. There is no need for special training to start walking: only good shoes, woven from natural fibre and then away. Ticino has the ideal habitat to embrace this sport. All routes are marked with official direction signs. The routes are located everywhere: around Locarno, Lugano, Bellinzona and in the valleys.
Find the trail
Mountain Bike

in all the region

The mountain biking can be practiced almost everywhere, but the majority of the biker pedal on routes off-road, country road, forest road or single track. It's a individual sport, who requires physical and mental resistance, good balance, ability to drive and self sufficiency, because you should be able to repair a puncture or other damage in case something happens. Find the trail
Tremona-Castello Archaeological Park

only 2 km away

The small village of Tremona has become known for its archaeological excavations which have been carried out since 2000. Teams of archaeologists and volunteers have uncovered well-preserved remains of a hilltop settlement which, with its remarkable finds,  provides unique insights into the past of the region. Most of all, archaeology shows what life was like in a medieval village. More
Fossil Museum

only 500 m away

Remodeled and expanded by the Ticinese architect Mario Botta, the Fossil Museum in Meride exhibits a selection of fossilized animals and plants from the unique UNESCO World Heritage Site of Monte San Giorgio. More
Monte San Giorgio

only 2 km away

Monte San Giorgio is a living legend of a historical masterpiece with fossils dating back to over 200 million years ago. Back then, it was surrounded by a lagoon and was partially separated from the open sea, due to which various marine life flourished in the region making it a rich source of fossils. More

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