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Mountain Bike

in all the region The mountain biking can be practiced almost everywhere, but the majority of the biker pedal on routes off-road, country road, forest road or single track. It’s a individual sport, who requires physical and mental resistance, good balance, ability to drive and self sufficiency, because you should be able to repair a puncture...

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Tremona-Castello Archaeological Park

only 2 km away The small village of Tremona has become known for its archaeological excavations which have been carried out since 2000. Teams of archaeologists and volunteers have uncovered well-preserved remains of a hilltop settlement which, with its remarkable finds,  provides unique insights into the past of the region. Most of all, archaeology shows...

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Monte San Giorgio

only 2 km away Monte San Giorgio is a living legend of a historical masterpiece with fossils dating back to over 200 million years ago. Back then, it was surrounded by a lagoon and was partially separated from the open sea, due to which various marine life flourished in the region making it a rich source...

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